Food Truck

What’s Chaka??

Chaka is Norang Chicken’s food truck equipped with cooking facilities for frying chickens.
It was first released in November 2017. This food truck was made to held a small charity event.
Then, our plans expanded and we came up with ‘Chaka Day Project’.

Chaka is an abbreviation of ‘Good Car’ and we named our truck car ‘Chaka’ to approach our customers
with more familiar image and hold charity event.

Chaka Day : On Chaka Day, we give delicious chickens to the neighbors in need
under the slogan of “Charity for Happiness, Sharing for Neighbors”
2017 : Donated 11 times
2018 : Donated 75 times
2019 : Donated 137 times
2020 : Plans to donate 180 times