Norang Chicken Provides Taste of Memory.

Under the slogan of Cheap and Tasty’, we have been keeping our original resolutions for making a cheap and tasty chicken.
Norang Chicken is inspired by the chicken that our dads bought for us when we were young. All adults in their 20s to 50s would have a childhood memory of dad bringing a chicken in a yellow bag.

Our Norang Chicken seeks to reproduce the taste of memory and present the distant memory of the childhood.

For our customer satisfaction, we fry chickens in an iron pot. Although frying chickens in an iron pot involves hard work we still stick to iron pot.

After opening the first Norang Chicken in Pukyong National University at Busan in 2009, we had to go through a lot of difficulties. At first, consumers were unfamiliar with Norang Chicken... Because Norang Chicken was a private brand without franchise, customers didn’t pay attention to our chicken.
As time passed by, university students in their 20s started coming to Norang Chicken. To express our gratitude for customers and concerns for financial conditions of students, we started giving rice balls for free. Then, we came up with an interesting event. We put jujube randomly inside the rice balls and gave a free chicken to customers who got the jujube rice balls. The event got favorable reactions from the customers.

Later, we held events for students and we gave a free chicken for students who brought a report card with an F. As a result, Norang Chicken got famous for our ‘Cheap and Tasty’ chicken. Getting famous for ‘non-salted chicken’ and ‘cheap chicken’, our Norang Chicken is becoming a delicious chicken restaurant On television and newspapers, we often hear about tyranny of franchises.
I was once a chicken restaurant owner who always nervously waiting for the customers. I also operated various other chicken franchises and I had a lot of troubles with the head offices.
  • First, I will put myself in the store owner’s place.
  • Second, I will be honest.

I hope you would make a good decision.